15 Citrus Perfume Reviews


Citrus has never been my favorite scent category, but even I have to admit the clear draw of citrus in the summer. It’s one of your best bets if you want something bright and refreshing. Since I’m determined to review my way through my whole collection, here are short reviews of all the citrus-focused scents from my collection: ultimately more than I expected, but not enough to split them into sub-categories. Failures included!

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Sixteen92 Circle Reviews: Summer 2016

Summer isn’t usually my favorite perfume season. I’m not a fan of fresh clean scents, I’m fussy about florals, and I always worry fruits will smell artificial. As a result, I wasn’t expecting Sixteen92’s summer collection to be a winner for me. I was pleasantly surprised!

This summer, Sixteen92 featured scents “inspired by Riot Grrrl & 90s girl rock.” I was expecting the theme to translate to scents that feel a bit more rough around the edges, but instead most of these feel very sophisticated, while still being unique and relating to their respective songs. I tested these once the week I got them, and a second time a full week later.

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Perfume Picks: Spring 2016

Since this blog was inactive for a year, my last “perfume picks” post was also spring scents. But I have a year more of scent testing under my belt, and new criteria for spring scents. Last year I chose some strongly fruity and floral scents, which I also wore through much of the summer – especially Southern Gothic and Blackberry Noir, which I will wear any hot day of the year. This year, due to some seriously inconsistent and very damp weather, I’ve been reaching for more moody scents that can work during both warm sunny days and the cold, rainy, even snowy days in between. Again: 5 picks with mini-reviews.

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Perfume Review: New Additions to Sixteen92’s GC

I’m raising this blog from the dead in preparation for some reviews from my new subscription to Sixteen92’s Circle. I’ve always waited with baited breath for any early reviews from Circle subscribers, and now that I’ll be getting collections a month before their official launch, it’s my turn to give back!

About a month ago, Sixteen92 announced on Facebook that they are adding three scents to their General Collection: Baba Yaga, Last Exit for the Lost, and Waking in Winter. I happen to love all three of these, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to review them. I’ve added some bonus notes on how they age, because I’ve had these for a while now.

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Perfume Picks: Spring 2015

Until very recently, the weather here was mostly cold and rainy. Suddenly it’s starting to like full-blown summer, with temperatures in the 80s. Before spring vanishes in a poof of summer humidity, here are five of my favorite season-appropriate scents for this spring, with mini-reviews.

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Perfume Review: Sacre Coeur (Sixteen92)

I’ve been busy this past week with preliminary tests of many scents, but there’s one in particular I want to focus on today, because it fits the recent weather perfectly. It’s at that awkward time of year when spring is just about to show its face but it’s still dismal and grey, caught between snowing and raining. So for now, I’m wearing Sixteen92’s Sacre Coeur, which settles into something very much like candle smoke on my skin, with a side of polished leather and wood. I find it calming and grounding and a perfect accompaniment for cold, grey days.

smoke on the candle.

The official description is: Midnight mass in the dark of winter. Cold stone warmed by the flicker of prayer candles, dust-topped reliquaries, ancient leather-bound books, icy stained glass, dried herbs, timeworn cathedral pews ingrained with centuries of incense smoke. Solemn, austere, introspective. Frankincense, Elemi resin, Ambrette, Bois de rose (Rosewood), Cistus Labdanum, Leather, Vanilla, Roman Chamomile, Orris root, Birch Tar.

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