I’m here to talk about some little things that give me a lot of joy: indie and niche perfumes,  with maybe an occasional post on tea or chocolate. This blog is for reviews and occasional musings.

My perfume reviews are generally written after at least two tests of a perfume, done at least a week or two apart to allow for settling or skin chemistry flukes.

I’m not paid for any reviews and unless otherwise noted, everything I review was either purchased by me or gifted by family/friends.

A Note on Skin Chemistry

Perfume oils are well-known for smelling differently depending on who wears them. Certain notes may amp, disappear, or warp once on your skin. This means that my experiences with scents may differ from your own.

A few generalizations about how scents behave on my skin:

I almost always amp spices, myrrh, and opoponax. I sometimes amp tobacco, jasmine, and mosses. Moss leans towards being bitter and powdery on my skin. Lavender and amber sometimes turn into baby powder. Rose is either beautiful or veers towards smelling like Sweetart candy, along with violets and occasional unknown florals. My skin makes some scents veer sweeter than average – resins and musks especially.

About Me

I’m a student of art history and museum studies, living in the northeast US, and I really believe in taking time to appreciate all of my senses as part of living life to its fullest.

I got interested in perfume back in 2012, starting mostly with BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) and more recently expanding into a wider world of indie and niche scents. I was originally interested mostly in unisex, woody or spicy scents, but have grown to appreciate fruity, floral, and gourmand scents too. My only total no-gos are lilac and BPAL’s dragon’s blood.



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