Chocolate Review: Firecracker Bar – Chuao Chocolatier

“Sultry sea salt, smoky chipotle, and popping candy exploding in dark chocolate.”

(image grabbed from google because I forgot to photograph, oops!)

The first thing I noticed is the heat from the chipotle – I was expecting more smokiness and less spiciness, but it does have a prominent burn to it. It took a few seconds for the popping candy to pop, but it was enthusiastic once it started. No particular flavor from those candies except maybe a bit of sugariness, just the fizzy sizzling crackling sound and sensation. Very fun!

This isn’t an extra-dark chocolate (it lists it as 60% cacao), and there’s a good bit of sweetness balancing the heat. It’s never so spicy that my taste buds burn out. I can definitely taste the sea salt too – though I’m not sure what makes it “sultry.” The pop rocks are fun and nostalgic, but the chipotle and salt makes it feel a lot more sophisticated than just throwing pop rocks in chocolate. Though honestly, I’d probably buy that too. The elements are very well-distributed, so even a tiny nibble yields sweetness, heat, crackle, and a salty edge. No empty spots to be found.

Overall very tasty, really fun, and a good value.

I bought a bar for about $4 at Wegmans.

PS. A little googling around has revealed there’s a limited edition Trader Joes “Fireworks” bar that is very similar (dark chocolate, pop rocks, sea salt, chipotle – but plus pasilla chiles and cayenne pepper) but $2 cheaper. If I get a chance I’ll pick one up and give it a try to compare, but there aren’t any Trader Joes in the area.


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