Perfume Review: Orange Sanguine (Atelier Cologne)

Starting off this blog on a sunny note!

Compared to the icy weather we’ve been having lately, today was unexpectedly sunny and warm. With sun beaming through the window, I actually found myself overheated, and I needed something bright-smelling to cool off.

Orange Wedge

Orange Sanguine starts off as that bright juicy scent that you get when you split open an orange. Orange peel and orange flesh. Mouth-wateringly realistic, like I’ve just been peeling oranges and the scent is still on my skin.

By 10 minutes, the purity of that scent sadly fades. The orange becomes more sweet, juicy, and fruity rather than bright, and it’s joined by an almost waxy, indolic flower (jasmine). The effect is very pretty, with the jasmine lending a femininity and a sensuality and the orange providing summeriness and clarity, preventing it from getting too heady. I’m aware that the other notes are lending complexity and depth, but they’re very tightly woven in, and I can’t pull any of them out individually.

Orange Sanguine remains a beautiful scent, both fruity and floral, with a honey-like quality emerging around 2 hours. It’s sweet, but not candy-sweet, and fresh, but never veering towards cleaning-product territory. It is unmistakably a perfume, without ever feeling too heady or cluttered. I think it will be a crowd-pleaser, a safe option for the office and any day outings. I’ll certainly be wearing this a lot this summer!

Sillage is mild to moderate, and wear length is 4-6 hours.

Official notes: Italian blood orange, Spanish bitter orange, Italian red mandarin. Egyptian jasmine, South African geranium, Madagascan black pepper. Brazilian tonka bean, Indonesian sandalwood, Texan cedarwood.

Orange Sanguine is available from Atelier Cologne here.


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