Conjure Oils Perfume Review: Part Two

This is the (admittedly very delayed) continuation of my previous Conjure Oils review, which is found here. Today I’ll review Maman Brigitte, March – Storm Moon, Marie LaVeau, Set, and Shapeshifter.

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Conjure Oils Perfume Review: Part One

I have tried a few decants of Conjure Oil’s limited editions and really enjoyed them, but this was my first direct order from this brand. I got a sampler pack (10 for $30) of Apollo, Brigid, Erinyes, Jamila, Kali Ma, La Maceta (The Flowerpot), Maman Brigitte, Marie LaVeau, Set, and Shapeshifter. I also received a free sample of March – Storm Moon with my order. I’m only covering the first 6 scents in this post so it doesn’t get too long, and I will post the rest soon.

Overall my impression of this brand is very positive. I find their scents are unique, multi-faceted, and evocative, and clearly connected to their inspiration. I would recommend them to people who like BPAL, although they have their own distinct scent aesthetic.

A note on TAT: I ordered on September 11 with a 28-day TAT listed, so I expected it to ship around October 19. They shipped on October 11, a week faster than anticipated, and arrived two days later, so even though it was still a long wait, I was pleased.

Now on to the reviews! Semi-NSFW (maybe?) for a couple paintings that include topless women and one with a nude guy with a piece of cloth unconvincingly floating over his junk.
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Sixteen92 Winter 2016 Reviews

This season, Sixteen92’s theme is stones and crystals, complete with elemental and magical correspondences. I never have any idea of what to expect from winter collections, but I was happy to see this collection seemed to have a decent variety of options with woody, incense, gourmand, spicy floral, and cold floral options. As it turned out, I had about a 50/50 success rate. I’ve grown to enjoy a lot of florals from this brand, but this time around the woody/incense scents worked much better for me than the florals.

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The Porcelain Tub Perfume Reviews

Last month the owner of The Porcelain Tub (found here on Etsy) posted on the IndieMakeupandMore Reddit page asking for bloggers to review some press samples. I was excited to try this new brand, and after giving her a general idea of my taste in perfume, she sent me four samples for the purpose of an honest review. While I received these samples for free, my reviews are absolutely honest, as always.

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Sixteen92 Fall 2016 Reviews

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I was incredibly excited to get my hands on Sixteen92’s Fall and Halloween collections. I’m splitting the release into one post each for Fall and Halloween (which I will likely post within the week). The Fall collection will be released August 24 and Halloween in late September. I’m rushing this post a bit because I want it to be up before the scents go live, so it’s available for people making purchasing decisions. Because of that, I’ve only done 1 1/2 tests of each scent (except Bridget Bishop, which only got 1 test) – a full wear and testing multiple at once, as opposed to two full wears spaced a couple weeks apart, which is my preference to account for settling and skin chemistry flukes. So my opinions might change a bit with time. Without any further ado, here are the reviews.

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Perfume Reviews: Sweet Treats for Summer

Summer can be a rough time for gourmands. Sweet, rich scents have the tendency to become cloying in the heat, and sometimes a light fruity scent just doesn’t cut it when what you really want is cake.

So here are my nine go-to options for sweet but summery scents. While some of them aren’t pure gourmands, they have enough of the right notes to satisfy any foody cravings I have during this stretch of hot, humid weather.

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